About My Perseverance

I am going to start this blog about talking about Perseverance. For exam like GATE where competition is fierce and  it is hard to achieve success in first(or second) attempt , it is most important to not to lose hope and keep trying again and again with better technique and more effort.

I’ve tried GATE  3 times till now, and I got good success in this 3rd Time (Finally !) . Let me share the stats of last 3 years.

GATE 2014 -> Not so serious attempt, spent few months preparing, had no idea about anything about GATE exam in real , got AIR 5192, GATE score 471, Marks 33.99/100 Normalized. I thought this might be due to no taking any classes (Still no clue how to really go for preparing GATE)  and joined classes for GATE 2014 post GATE 2013 results

GATE 2015 -> I went to ACE academy, Pune. It was good experience .I never felt so alive in classes before.Some professors were really great like Suresh Lokhande, Srinivas Choudhari, Ravindra babu ravula etc.I recommend ACE classes for Good classroom coaching. I just had 45 days when preparing for GATE 2015. While preparing for GATE 2015 too, I did not take pain to go through Gatecse group/Gateoverflow website all the way till last month before exam, if I had did that along with joining the classes I might not had to repeat again, I got AIR 610
, Score 709 and Marks 54.67/100 Normalized.

GATE 2016 -> First of all I decided to do 1 year full time preparation.

This time I realized that I had made many mistakes in last time. I went through various blogs of previous toppers. I searched for all toppers blog/ preparation strategies and I found a common plan

  1. They read at least one reference book per important subject in GATE,. I used books  from here-> gatecse.in/wiki/Best_books_for_CSE
  2. If they had time they viewed video lectures from Reputed universities like NPTEL (IIT/IISc) ,Aduni, Coursera, MIT OCW , Harward.  I watched video lectures from here -> http://gatecse.in/wiki/Best_video_lectures_for_CSE
  3. They solved reference book questions for every subject they can get questions on.
  4. They gave good no of mocks to beat the exam fear before exams but at the same time ignored the subject wise tests.
  5. They enjoyed couple of days before exams and kept there mind calm.
  6. They solved all GATE questions. If they had time solving GATE + Ref book questions.
  7. They did good revision (3 rounds in my case) after doing at least one round of full length study. (I did full length study twice after GATE 2015 )
  8. They did not tried to prepare weak points of less important subjects . Example -> I was very weak in Linear Algebra and Calculus and Continuous probability , I did the basics but did not try to venture into details and was happy I could just finish basics.

I also joined Ravindra Babu’s Ravula’s classes . His lectures are high quality you can follow them.

I went through http://www.gatecse.in/coaching-for-gate/ and decided about how to go next.

The strategy Ravi Shankar Mishra -> http://www.engineering.careers360.com/articles/gate-2015-topper-interview-ravi-shankar-mishra-air-1-in-computer-science-engineering and Arvind Devraj answer on https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-way-to-study-for-GATE-so-as-to-get-a-good-rank-to-get-into-IISc deserve special mention.

I went through every link of http://www.gatecse.in/ religiously, and I was not disappointed with content it had. I use http://gateoverflow.in/ for practicing questions and answering them extensively which helped me making  sure that I was not lacking in any concepts.

After preparing for 6 months I was done with all subjects once with GATE Questions + Reference Book questions.

Now in second phase of study I prepared again for 2 months and I finished all GATE questions + Reading Reference books once again. This is time I gave few Full Length tests.

This is time about which my health broke down due to over-studying, I started suffering from Back Pain and I had to rest for few days. I started using Pomodoro technique and started taking break every 25 minutes and used to walk in sunshine for like 10 minutes after each study round. This was going on in last 3 months as I did not wanted to take chance for preparation.

Now about 3 months for exam were remaining.

Now again I started revising , after discussing with Arjun Suresh, I decided to give TIFR questions a try and I tried to solve as many TIFR Questions + Reference book questions and repeated GATE questions. I was giving full length test after week or so !   Along with this I did all last 6 years Previous aptitude questions + answers from all branches.

Link to My Mock Tests  + Aptitude Results -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzhmcv2IuX-RUmpCcUlMTnRQcUE/view?usp=sharing

I thank  Testbook for giving quality Full length tests tests. Virtual GATE test series is also good. Virtual GATE 2015 and Virtual GATE 2016-2 was also good.  I used few GATE papers (Untouched) from GATE 2015 for that.

Link to all aptitude papers till GATE 2015 and their keys -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzhmcv2IuX-RR0hFZllheVNHVHc/view?usp=sharing

For GATE 2016 aptitude Sets + Answer keys please check GATE 2016 site.

Two days before exam I went on to watch all episodes first two minutes in reverse order here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1gFC-ds61c&list=PLzufeTFnhupzEKODFa86wWlD8HYEqMage watching Krishna talk gave me strength and calmness I needed for facing the Big day, considering I was passed out in 2013, it was really BIG for me !

So after doing all this I went on to gave GATE 2016, and that day was like Lucky day for me. Exam went so well, in fact after doing all mock practice + So much video lectures from Experts from all universities around the world + All question solving from TIFR/GATE/Reference books I felt exam was piece of cake.

Finally result was declared on 18th March 2016 , around 11 pm and I got AIR 28, Marks 76.11 and Score 923. That was best day for me after 3 years of struggle.

I ask all of you reading this blog, if you are preparing for GATE do not repeat my mistake. This is initial post, I’ll write more posts soon. Just don’t lose hope, it is okay if you fail one or two time as long as you stick to your job until you are sure that you’ll get at least Medium NIT level college. ( Not taking placement is most stupid thing a fresher can do, I believe I learned more on job , which helped me in preparing in 1 year time for preparation I took ! )

Video’s related to this post (Check first 2 minutes of Krishna talking )->

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExG7cibtQoM&index=42&list=FLYiNScJmfB6cUR_PuH1Jmkw => In this video Krishna is talking about importance of determination in life. How one is defeated only when one accepts defeat and not in case of single failure. This is in real life too, you’ll be defeated in your attempt of GATE preparation only when you stop preparing, when you accept your defeat. Watch video for more details.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGyPEVq5_oQ&index=41&list=FLYiNScJmfB6cUR_PuH1Jmkw => Here Krishna talks about how reason of failure is only lack of full attempts and mistakes. Here Krishna explains if we want something in life we should be able to give our full efforts towards it. He talks about only if you give your full efforts you’ll be successful.  Watch video for more details.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cOgB2vJLYk&list=FLYiNScJmfB6cUR_PuH1Jmkw&index=38 => In this video Krishna talks about how one should not run away from challenges / difficulty. Failure is one of challenge, but if one accepts it and tries to improve it it’ll improve his character. For anything great one has to take good amount of pain/effort. So be ready to fight hard for success, if you get it easily you wont value it. Also every failure/challenge teaches us something new 🙂 Watch video for more details.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf71tVS4J6c&index=29&list=FLYiNScJmfB6cUR_PuH1Jmkw => Here Krishna talks about importance of Perseverance, how one should keep trying. Watch video for more details.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxCKiMBDcXE&index=28&list=FLYiNScJmfB6cUR_PuH1Jmkw => Here Krishna talks about that we can not escape from work, effort ever and for success, efforts is must. Watch video for more details.

Nice Motivational Video 1=>  Here in this video Krishna gives talks about for Success one has to do Karma. Watch video for more details.

Nice Motivational Video 2 => In this video Krishna talks how one has to go through pain (of work, doing efforts etc) to become great. Watch it for more details.

Nice Motivational Video 3 => Here Krishna talks about it is not useful just thinking about our past failures instead it is good idea to use that experience to improve next time. “Why I failed ? Why me ? ” has no answers.Watch it for more details

Nice Motivational Video 4 => Here Krishna talks about how our attempt is important for success. This applies for GATE exam too, every attempt we do with our full efforts makes this exam easier and easier for us. Watch video for more details.

More video’s need to be added here on this page 🙂 Also more posts coming too.





47 thoughts on “About My Perseverance

      1. vijay

        Hello Akash what suresh kumar has asked if you will write about that it will be really very helpful to many of the aspirants .


  1. Varun Mundale

    I’m too from Diploma + Engineering background(Both 3rd/4th Tier colleges)
    I started preparing gate in mid-3rd year of engineering….
    I did join classes..(which i initially thought were tough to digest )…
    But still i used to attend classes with pure passion..(great experience)
    I joined many mock tests…Initially, i badly screw in those….but slowly my performance increased…(Still there was much variations in marks)

    When week to exam was remaining , i was confident enough that i could do this..
    Mine was CS Set 2 paper…(which was way easier than mock tests i gave)
    I gave exam in very relaxed and stress free mode..
    However still i managed to screw the entire thing….lot of numeric mistakes,question blidness etc..
    Murphy’s law perfectly applied to me “Whatever could go wrong,went wrong”
    I got 60.02 normalized marks
    Score: 743
    With this rank i will probably get top nit’s and get call from few iit’s for test and interview…

    Now i m really in a fix…what is the worst that can happen?…. if i get in one of top nit should i go for it…. or give reaattempt to improve my score?.. i do have a job..


    1. Depend on what you want.
      If you want best education ? Go on Bharata Darshan (costly) and hope you get selected somewhere in IIT for MS/3 year MTech + Try till spot rounds in IIT. If that does not happen, take admission to IIITH, or IITB/D for education (Too much costly) If you want IIT and cant even take cost of interviews (Travel+ Living) or fees of IIIT then go to reattempt (With full time preparation this time maybe, as you must have enough saving by now ,, take 1 year leave or unpaid leave from the job if that is not possible you know what to do) ..
      If you want Good Education + Best placement => Go for Top NIT. Education will be good, but wont be of IIT Quality, at the same time placement in Top NIT are really equivalent to IIT’s it seems. Best luck.


  2. I don’t suggest leaving a job until you get IIT now , I do not recommend joining any coatching institute, instead search for toppers blogs and see there strategy. use Gatecse.in and Gateoverflow.in. Go through all links present at Gatecse.in and use Free resources (Believe me they are best for majority subjects.) Maybe you might want to wait for some more time for me to do more posts.


  3. Deepak

    Hello Akash… in which set did you appear in gate 2016?? How many mark did you attempt?? How many marks did you get in mocks of gate???


      1. Deepak

        You did not appear in any mock of any coaching..if yes, then what were your consistent marks?? How much did you attemt in gate 2016


  4. Abdul Kadir

    Thanks Man..
    after continuously trying for 3years for GATE , i was feeling lazy now, but this blog helped me to wake up again. now m nt going to stop this. will prepare best of my life for 2017.

    and i want to ask very silly question, what TIFR stands for which u mentioned in ur blog above?


    1. Nikhil prasad

      Can u suggest me in short . u did both institute coaching and online coaching. Will it worth to join his online course or institute coaching and better than his. Just tell me in short bro.


    1. Nikhil prasad

      Bro u mean 2 say freely available resources on net r sufficient enough 2get gud rank in gate. If it is, then brother it will b really helpful if u share links of all resources. Thx in advance


  5. vineet kumar

    I have less than 60% in B.E. degree. Also my university doesn’t allow for improvement exams. Should i go for one year full time gate preparation or not ? Also due to less than 60% i’m not placed. Currently i am in final year. What do you suggest ?


    1. Instead of preparing for GATE, I would suggest try with your full rigour in final exams + Practicals of Final year and get good score (>70% or as much as you can do) in final year. Best luck. If you can get your Cumulative percent > 60, that would be great.


      1. vineet kumar

        Most of IIT’s and all NIT’s don’t allow below 60%. So if I don’t get 60% marks aggregate so my gate rank will be kind of useless right ?


  6. Somnath Kayal

    Hi Akash,
    I am currently doing job and preparing for GATE 2017. I can give 3-4 hours max per day for the preparation and for this, it is taking too long to finish a subject. The problem is I am very much weak in Engineering Mathematics specifically Probability. I have seen the NPTEL lectures on Discrete Math and found really helpful. Please suggest something for Probability like any video lectures you found very helpful for this context. Thanking you.


  7. vijay

    Akash tu je Yash sampadan kela ahes tybadal HARDIK HARDIK ABHINANDAN…

    1.) what are the COMMON mistakes which happens while answering the question during exam (significantly theory question )when you feels its right but when keys are released its reverse of what you had done
    2.) where is the loop hole in preparation strategy where many falls even after having good technical knowledge .


    1. Common mistakes -> 1) Not reading the question option correctly. 2) Marking options incorrectly after solving correctly 3) Trusting calculator too much and not using head for verifying (Calculator has limitations)
      4) Answering questions one does not know anything about 5) Simple addition substraction mistakes etc

      Loopholes -> 1) Over-study and getting unhealthy right before exam 2) Not taking a job/B plan and losing confidence before exam 3) Not giving full length tests before exam 4) Just thinking whatever taught in classes will be enough for good rank (It never is) 5) giving subjectwise tests from any provider (But not using Newgradiance, GATE,TIFR questions) etc etc 😛


  8. Niharika

    How can one get 10 months leave ??I prepared 2 times.. along with my job..I prepared upto my knowledge good but I can’t make it..u r great now I feel another balancing all those things will be very difficult and if I fail again all my friends laugh at me,they are at least have some fun.I am preparing but not achieving my goal


  9. vijay

    hello Akash from where did you read the topics Probability and also Algorithms as for algorithms subject the name says really an ANALYSIS is required!! (Actually I face some difficulty in these subject)


    1. For algorithm lectures from Shai + Reference book i.e. CLRS
      For discrete Probability -> Keneth Rosen book latest edition
      Continuous Probability -> Web Searches + Wikipedia + Lectures from Ravindra babu ravula


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