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I’ve seen people not taking up jobs and instead go to full time preparation mode immediately after BE/BTech.I believe that is wrong for those from 3rd-4th Tier college students. Instead they should first go for campus placement post BE and prepare along side job until one gets 3 digit rank like 400-700. In case one gets good rank immediately (Top 250) then one can join IIT, but if someone get 400-700 rank then it will be wise decision to do full time preparation afterwards.

Why one should go on job immediately after college instead of taking drop for GATE ->

  1. Jobs give people some “Real” knowledge, where as in colleges of India, usually Clerk with Engineer degree are shipped out. It is this jobs that make them “Engineers” not the degree certificates. Whatever learning happens , it happens in training period of jobs and work.
  2. Job gives peace of mind , it’ll keep your family and friend quite till you get good rank. For those who take full year drop without good rank as backup, so called “Well wishers” will come to eat the brain , what next if you fail etc. Even while giving exam, you will remain calm if you have job as backup.
  3. Job gives money for things one needs -> Yeah this is true, you can buy whatever you need for preparation and other things, for entertaining, for internet, for recharges or any other expense. Those who have big education loans, should try to clear them, it is possible only via job.
  4. Job gives reason for getting IIT -> While working on job, it it has service based job, looking at seniors/peers and work pressure, one get enough reasons to try for IIT, including Money.
  5. Job gives you valuable experience -> Even though in IIT experience does not matter much for placements, in life, in Gate preparation too, the experience you gain while doing job helps you.
  6. Job will teach you value of time and money -> It’ll help you work harder once you drop a year, because you’ll know that how much work you’ll be doing in any job. Once you start earning money automatically you’ll know the value of money.
  7. You get weekends, 2 leave per month on every IT job easily , so it wont be too hard to prepare either.

This post is for those who are considering not to take job for preparing GATE and do not even have good ranks in final year. Do take job and get experience, it’ll be helpful. Do not take drop unless you are ready.


If you are in job, how you can prepare for GATE while working ?

  1. You get 2 days off per week, use them to the extend possible.
  2. You will get 2 days leave per month (Majority companies) use them for GATE preparation.
  3. You will get 8 to 10 holidays per year in any company , use them for GATE preparation.
  4. Before GATE you can take some leave (From 1 week to 3 months) based on your company policies.
  5. If your company gives you cab, you can revise while traveling.
  6. You can get flash card app ANKI on your mobile ,even while working you might revise for 5 minute in between  work breaks.

16 thoughts on “Regarding Job

  1. Rahul

    I am a final year student and got placed in Persistent. I am confused whether I can scope up with job as well as gate syllabus. What if I can get holiday before the gate exam. Pls help


    1. Persistent is best place for Fresher to join. As far as holiday is concerned, if you manage well you can get 2-3 weeks holiday easily and more too if you can manage well 😛 Join persistent, prepare with job. Job in Persistent will teach you a lot and make you stronger.


  2. kamalkant

    I got 48 marks in Gate 2015….now while doing the job and this year i committed so many silly mistakes and got only 51 marks…..what should i do.Do i continue job or leave it and prepare by myself or took the admission in Nit . one more thing i am OBC(NCL) Student.


  3. shahrukh

    I am a final year student and got placed in Gemini solutions(startup company).Being the startup,I don’t have any idea of workload in that company.Please suggest is it right to take drop for gate or I will prepare along with the job.


  4. I am an ECE student placed at Cognizant. I want to give GATE in 2017 as I do not want to stay in IT field since I am from Electronics. Do you have any idea if I shall find time there to study for GATE?


  5. Could you elaborate how you managed your time at persistent systems? I am yet to clear the my passion challenge and i will be preparing for GATE 2017. I want to at least develop confidence and get a rank below 500 this year.



    I am Information technology student(2016) not placed anywhere, what will be better prepare and search for job or prepare for Gate again (in gate2016 i got AIR 9000)


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