Free Test Series for GATE

Hi, I’ll talk about free test series available. If you want to join any coaching class/paid test series you can join ACE, Testbook , Made Easy etc.

Okay, then what to do with test series ? Usually test series provide following type of test

  1. Chapter wise
  2. Subjectwise
  3. Mock Test
  4. Aptitude Tests (Previous year papers from all branches)

Let me be honest, I feel that neither Chapter wise or Subject-wise tests are necessary. Only full length mock tests are needed for GATE preparation. Though at the same time, I will still recommend from where to get these tests.

I’ll tell you how you can do this kind of tests for free.

Chapter Tests -> Doing this tests from  any paid test series is not required, free stuff is enough. You can get chapter wise test questions from Reference books. Newgradiance is  enough for chapter tests for many subjects. They are free. Gateoverflow book by Gateoverflow also contains chapter wise test series. You can find Gateoverflow book at Gatecse.

Subject wise tests -> Doing this tests from  any paid test series is not required, free stuff is enough. You can get whole collection of subjectwise tests free of cost from VirtualGate which is sponsored by Techtud . Doing all tests from NewGradiance may also serve purpose of solving Subject-wise Test series for subject it provides.

Full Length Tests -> For this I believe best strategy would be not to see any questions from few papers. Example -> Suppose I’m preparing for GATE 2017 and I want to have few “Real” mocks, in that case what I’ll do, I wont touch GATE 15 & GATE 16 papers while practicing questions. Then when I’m done with preparation, I have  5 “Real” GATE papers for giving Mock exams. I’ve done this , I’ve used 2 papers of GATE 15 as mock exam, for getting online touch we  can use online calculator and pdf reader. Believe me previous year mocks are best test series possible if you have not seen any question from that paper. In case you have solved few questions from them, it is useless (In my case I used to remember all questions.)

Apart from this VirtualGate which is sponsored by Techtud  is also very nice resource for getting 3+ Full lenght tests. They have already released virtual GATE 2015,2016-1,2016-2 and we can expect at least 2 more in 2017.

About Aptitude Tests -> You should try to solve all previous year aptitude tests papers from all branches. It’ll help you getting idea about Aptitude questions in general. You can use for getting difficult questions.

Link to previous year aptitude questions Till 2015 ->

For after 2016 aptitude sets check respective IIT/IISc site for GATE and download papers. Remember all papers for any branches in same time slot have same aptitude questions.



2 thoughts on “Free Test Series for GATE

  1. Hi Sir !
    Query :
    After going through the concepts I am able to solve the previous GATE Ques (with few exceptions) and NewGradiance ques, but for more quality practice when I decide to practice from Standard books , I am clueless as to which questions to solve (there are many) ?
    How many questions from each topic should we solve to get ensure good practice ?
    Example: Like in case of Discrete maths , I can solve odd-numbered questions(as there ans are given on the back for tally) but how many there are many questions ?
    And in case of subjects like DBMS , OS : I am unable to decide which questions to solve ?


    1. Solve as much as you can. Avoid descriptive question (Asking you to explain something.) Just look up answers for those. Apart from that, it boils down to how much time you have.Give first priority to GATE questions of course.


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