Study Plan for Full time preparing Students


This is my attempt to write study plan which might be useful to anyone preparing for GATE full time.

  1. Reading toppers strategy, deciding own strategy,deciding books etc (15 days) -> In this initial phase aspirants should read all old toppers blog / experiences regarding GATE preparation, read and decide what books/video lectures/materials they are going to prepare. They can make rough plan about what to do in remaining year.
  2. Full time preparation (6-7 Months) -> In this time student need to actually prepare every subject.
    1. Repeat for every subject
      1. Watch lectures form or any other source for lectures
      2. Read reference books, refer for list.
      3. Solve reference book questions
      4. Solve Newgradiance questions
      5. Solve TIFR Questions
      6. Solve Previous year GATE questions from Gateoverflow
      7. Prepare notes if required, but MUST prepare flashcards according to strategy given here by Pragy Agrawal ->
      8. If time permits, give subject wise tests (Not necessary after doing steps 1-7)
      9. Keep revising flashcards of all subjects whatever ready
    2. Time allocation to every subject -> Change order , no of days according to time available. Total days => 165 days + 15 days as buffer. This is based on my experience of last year.
      1. Discrete Maths -> 15 days
      2. TOC – >15 days
      3. Compiler -> 15 days
      4. Databases -> 10 days
      5. Data Structures -> 10 Days
      6. Programming -> 10 days
      7. Algorithms -> 15 days
      8. Computer Network -> 15 days
      9. Operating system -> 15 days
      10. Digital Logic -> 10 days
      11. CO -> 15 days
      12. Engineering Maths ( calculus, LA , Continious Probability) -> 10 days
      13. Aptitude + English -> 10 days
  3. First revision (2 months) ->
    1. Re-read every reference book once if possible
    2. Solve all GATE questions again from Gateoverflow for each subject.
    3. Keep revising Flashcards.
    4. Start giving 1 full length test per week. This will be best idea. Do analyze this full length test in detail.
  4. Final revision (Assuming 1-2 months remaining)
    1. Revise flashcards of all subject as many times possible.
    2. Start solving Random GATE questions, use Random question book Generated by Gateoverflow.
    3. Continue giving 1 Full Length test every week.
    4. Try to read PPT’s from reference book/ summary of reference books if possible

If you prepare like this not only you’ll learn all subject very well, but also due to solving reference book + TIFR + Newgradiance questions along with previous year questions, you’ll be very clear with all concepts. So you’ll not fear the exam. I prepared very similar to this and it works. Of course it is hard way, but if you prepare hard way, GATE will be very easy !

Update -> GATEoverflow is adding Full length tests in previous year Papers, I strongly advice you that keep last 3-4 years GATE questions (Say from GATE 13-16) untouched and use them as mock exams along with this test series. This real Exams will be much more effective.

Exams link by Gateoverflow ->



One thought on “Study Plan for Full time preparing Students

  1. vijay

    Hello Akash, For me also its my third attempt I am in dilemma whether I should join coaching or Not. Earlier in first attempt I had join ACE (hyd) and in second attempt I did self preparation but didn’t do it in proper way. Right now I am not getting confidence what Should I do?how to overcome this. thanks

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