Tips on How to utilize Mock tests and get most out of it !

Update -> GATEoverflow is adding Full length tests in previous year Papers, I strongly advice you that keep last 3-4 years GATE questions (Say from GATE 13-16) untouched and use them as mock exams along with this test series. This real Exams will be much more effective.

Exams link by Gateoverflow ->

This is about how one can utilize mock tests ->

First of all, I find that subjectwise tests are not that important. Remember that in GATE exam you’ll be solving Multiple subject questions at the same time , so it wont matter how many subjectwise tests you gave.

When it comes to Full Length Mock exams , first of all you should have finished one iteration of studying everything completely to start giving mock exams. Do not start giving mocks without preparation.

While giving Full Length Mock exams remember following things ->

  1. Do not give lot of mocks and tire yourselves. Try to give max 1 mock per week.
  2. Try to simulate your exam environment, I had already attempted GATE exam once before starting serious preparation. I used to imagine I’m seating in Actual exam hall before solving any mock.
  3. Try to meditate for 10 minute before mock, try to sit on computer and calm your mind before starting Mock exam, as if it is “REAL” exam.
  4. Mock is not just for practice, there are lot of purposes of exam like
    1. Simulating strategy. Simulate various strategies like
      1. Sequence of sections to solve
      2. How much time to give to every section
      3. Whether to solve exam paper in passes ( I used to solve exam paper in 3 passes ) or whether to solve exam paper in single go (Bad Idea usually)
    2. Making sure one does less silly mistakes by improving practice of giving exam
    3. Getting familiar with interface (Usually interface of many mock tests , is similar to GATE exam)
  5. Once Mock is given, don’t worry to much about marks. Instead first go to every question they have marked as incorrect and solve it again. Try to find out whether it is your mistake and rectify it . Try to create FLASHCARD out of your mistake and do not repeat mistakes. If you think your answer is correct, put that question on Gateoverflow and share link on GATECSE. Usually lot of mocks has mistakes, so after correcting mistakes update your marks accordingly.
  6. Keep trace of marks in mocks you give over time, try to have history of mock marks, so one mock gone wrong does not break your peace of mind. You can find my mock history here.
  7. Do remember this are MOCKS, not REAL exams. Do check my mock history, I used to get around 70.xx marks in last 6-7 mocks, my overall average was 66.xx, got 78.67 actual and 76.11 normalized in GATE 2016. Not everyone gets good marks in Mocks, so do not worry.
  8. Do not give mock when you are not ready to put entire 3 hours with full “PRESENCE OF MIND”. There is no value in giving exam if you are worrying about something else.
  9. Always give mock exam between 9.00AM – 12.00 PM Time or 2.00PM – 5.00 PM time. Once you get your own time slot (Admit card) , only give mocks in that time slot to improve your performance in actual exam.

I’ll keep adding points as and when I remember. Best luck.



7 thoughts on “Tips on How to utilize Mock tests and get most out of it !

  1. Hi Akash,

    I am Amit from Pune. I am having paper on 11th Feb, afternoon session.
    I just wanted to ask you that “How to check answers in the remaining time?”
    I mean what all things I should look at in last minutes to verify answers?


    1. Once you are done with all questions if time is remaining try to redo those which about you are doubtful. I was fast about solving, so I was actually able to solve every question 2-3 times !


  2. Hello Akash,

    I am Amit from Pune.
    AIR 31
    Marks 75.05 in GATE 2017.

    I had done my GATE registration as OBC but my cast is OBC in Maharashtra only and at national level I am a General candidate.

    I am going to fill IITB form as General category.

    Will it create any problem in admission in IITB?

    Please help me out. I am in trouble.

    You can mail me(if you find it convenient) at

    Please reply…


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