What to do 2 days before exam

Well you should go and check your exam Centre well before 2 days before exam. Don’t keep that for doing in last 2 days, last 2 days before actual exam you should just relax.

There is one MOST important thing you should do in last 2 days, Go to Gate website, and explore your mock interface. This is really important, I’ve not seen anyone stressed this before. Do remember sometimes in exam you might be told not to click on some UI , which might keep some important information from you. So even if you have given lot of mocks, do remember to go through Mock interface. You might also want to go through entire CALCULATOR documents. Do not trust scientific calculator GATE committee gives, you. It’ll have limitations, which if you missed, will mean loss of marks to you. This will take max 2 hours for you. Do this 2 days before exam.

Now after you have checked mock interface, spend rest of time relaxing your mind and body.

For relaxing body, try to take good sleep, rest, eat good food. Do not study at all in this 2 days, if you have prepared in entire year, you do not need to prepare in last 2 days, also even if you have not prepared, you’re not going to do much in last 2 days either. Best thing is resting your mind and being ready for exam.

For relaxing mind, I’ll recommend watching first 2 minutes of every episode of Suryaputra karna serial in reverse order, i.e. Krishna Seekh (Starting few episodes do not have this Krishna video’s)  -> LINK . This video’s are really nice and it’ll help you calm your mind. I did exactly same 2 days before exam. This will help you to be calm.

There is no reason for worrying/taking tension/doing anything that might harm you in those 3 hours. Even in exam 3 hours, you need to be very calm for giving exam successfully. I used to watch this Motivational video by Krishna(First 2 min). This video tells that you should be living in presence and you might be able to count 1 hour again , but you wont get it back. Remember for our exam situation is more difficult that this, we might be able to count 3 hours everyday from next day, but we will not get those 3 hours back until entire year is gone.So we should not worry about results in those 3 hours, we should not think what we did not prepare for exam in this 3 hours. Do not waste this 3 hours, give your BEST.Best luck 🙂

Do watch video lecture -> https://www.facebook.com/techtuduniversity/videos/658724004190638/?__mref=message_bubble

By Pritam Pasun, Techtud, nice one about day of exam .




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