GATE CSE preparation for those who did Diploma

This is post for those students who are preparing GATE CSE and who did Diploma + Engineering. ( Instead of Normal route of 11-12th Science & Then Engineering)

Majority of students who do engineering after diploma will be bad in Mathematics in General. (Diploma course do not have rigorous maths and Diploma students also miss first year math courses in engineering due to direct second year admission.) Of course this might not apply to few good Tier 1 Diploma colleges, but in general diploma students are in disadvantage when it comes to maths.

So how should diploma students prepare for GATE CSE ?

  1. Do not prepare Linear Algebra, Calculus first, keep them for end.
  2. Prepare Discrete Maths (Very easy) & Discrete Probability. Keep Continuous Probability to prepare for end.
  3. Prepare all Computer Science subjects, Aptitute.
  4. Prepare Linear Algebra. At least prepare enough that you’ll be able to solve 1 mark questions. Detailed study is Optional
  5. Prepare Calculus & Continuous Probability enough to solve easy questions. Detailed study is Optional.

If you prepare Computer Science subjects completely, it wont be too hard to crack GATE. Make sure you do not spend months preparing for Linear Algebra, Calculus, Continuous Probability.  If you are not good in it, you might want to break day in three part, give two for revision of all previously completed subjects & Then do this LA,Calculus in last part. No matter what happens do not start your GATE preparations with LA,Calculus and start preparation of LA,Calculus only when you’re through with all other subjects.


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